Friday, 6 May 2016

Rick Stien in Berlin

I enjoyed watching Rick Stein on BBC one tonight as he ate his way round various venues in Berlin. I like the idea of pork knuckle or curried sausage though I must admit to not being a lover of Sour Kraut. I have always enjoyed Ricks lay back approach to cooking and for those of you old enough to know what I am talking about when I mention Chalkie I miss him to.
But then if I am going down the nostalgia route I miss ten Bob notes
and pubs closing at 10:30 and beer being ten pence a pint.
Food is the in thing on TV it has been in for fifty years, any one else remember Fanny Cradock and her long suffering husband Johnnie ? I just googled her and she first started as a TV chef in 1955  the year I was born.
Rick Stien has been a TV chef since the mid seventies according to Wikipedia. And I must say it is due to my love of fishing and seafood that I have always enjoyed watching him. This series that he is now putting out is about weekend breaks and the cuisine of where ever it is he visits last week it was Iceland this week it was Berlin. I find it good television but am cross he is encouraging people to go abroad when we have so many great locations here in the UK. I am a great advocate of the staycation and supporting local food and businesses. Still it is only television and maybe no one will go abroad and they will stay here in  the UK and oh look there is a pink flying pig, I wonder if they will be on his menu next week.

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