Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Manston Spitfire Museum Cafe

Today is Heathers sisters birthday. We took her for a ride after telling we were going on a magical mystery tour. Earlier Heather and I had discussed possible places to take her go a bacon sandwich. Whilst driving along the coast road to Birchington there was a  call on Heathers phone and because I am a butter fingers I didn't manage to answers it. The call came from a friend walking to our house to visit so we turned back and  picked him up as well. He is insured to drive our car so he became driver and I became navigator. I directed us all to the Spitfire museum cafe at Manston and jolly good it is to. We all ordered bacon sandwiches and various drinks.
The sandwiches were great and so we're the drinks. We sat out on the patio area just watching the world go by. There was a Kestral hovering over the grass beside us and it made a couple of dives into the undergrowth but we never did see if it was successful it just disappeared from view. We all spent a while chatting before Heather went back for more drinks which when we returned was accompanied by huge slices of cake. I like cake. I hope her sister enjoyed it at the cafe, I did and am slightly sunburned to prove it. My first venture out for 2016 and I am suffering from sun stroke.

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