Thursday, 12 May 2016

Enjoyed some afternoon sunshine

The nurse was here before I was out of bed this morning. I don't know about you but exceedingly cheerful people before breakfast is a thing I could do without and couple cheerful with the fact she was here to remove copious amounts of my blood I was shall we say miffed. Anyhow we got to talking photography and that will always cheer me up. So on the law of averages I was about par for a Thursday morning, the only trouble was I didn't find out it was Thursday until seven fifteen this evening. Where did Tuesday and Wednesday go?
Anyhow I got up showered  and trimmed my nasal hair and got rid of the hair growing in my ears, I never had to do either until the age of fifty now it's the bain of my life, Heather brought me a male grooming set and the nasal attachment tickles like mad but is infantly better than the alternative of me wielding scissors and poking them in my orifices. I waxed my moustache, have I mentioned the beard? I stopped shaving for dry January, well I wasn't about to stop drinking was I ? So when January came to an end I kept the facial hair.
My kids don't like it, well my daughter's my son has a beard so his views are noncommittal. I am going for the 70's rocker look think Easyrider moustache and full face accompaniment.  Enough about my beard and stuff. I have been feeling crap. Crap is the politely conservative description I would go for full Anglo Saxon description but mixed company read this blog. Today now I am feeling better and the blood tests will come back clear I decided I was actually able to go out for a ride in the sunshine. The plan was to go round the big block. I managed to get part way and with the Sun in our eyes we cut it short by several percentage points and cut through reducing the distance by about eighty per cent. We stayed on the sunny sides of the streets and managed to get back without mishap and both still in one peace, and still talking to each other. Much better than last time.
I am sure we will make it round the big block soon but it's better not to rush these thing as Pumba said Hakuna mattata.

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