Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Catheter Change and Wheelchair breakdown

I was laying in bed with my coffee by my side and listening to Chris Evans on the radio, Heather was in the shower and of course the doorbell rings. I cant get out of bed without assistance so Heather has to trundle downstairs all wet and hair up in a towel with a dressing gown hiding her modesty. It was the district nurse come to change my catheter. Fantastic!!!! New nurse (not brand new one I have never seen before) and new system. Evidently they get tomorrows jobs today so instead of going into the office they go straight to the job hence early start. No problems all done and dusted and I thought new nurse lets as her to see if she know the answer. Nope she didn't know why Abbreviated is such a long word so the search for the answer goes on.
Later after all this happened and I had half drowned in the shower we decided to take a walk around the block. Mistake!!!! gets half way and  the new wheelchair decides it wont go any faster than snails pace. Darn it we had to come home only to discover it was my own fault I had put to much tilt into the chair and it decided I was unsafe and made me come home at a safe speed ie snails pace. Well every days a learning day as my kids tell me and Heather has learned I am grumpy when wheelchairs break down. I have learned if I talk to Heather like that I will get my face slapped. Anyhow home safe and sound now and look forward to my next excursion.

must remember not to use in a tilted position


  1. Hi Don look you blog, I'm sorry you had trouble with your wheelchair, I did the same thing with my rise & recline chair, went back to far and it got stuck, had to get David to pull the chair back again. Anyway check my site out when you get a moment let me know what you think by Deborah

    1. Yep I have checked it out and commented


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