Sunday, 29 May 2016

Bank Holiday at Home

When I was younger a lot younger I can remember making  plans for the Bank Holiday weekend. Meeting with my mates and going somewhere by train at first then by car as I progressed from shank's pony to having wheels. Wheels in those days enabled me to go places. I can remember a trip down to Hastings and stopping in a pub with a piano in it and about four car loads of us piled in and livened up the place and took a collection for our off key renditions of music hall classics by taking the lifeboat collection box round. The lifeboat was filled in no time most probably in the vain hope we would all leave and let the other punters get back to some peace and quiet. We did go and carried on to have lots of fun at Hastings.
As I got older and more responsible (married) I would take the family out for day trips or even holidays over a bank holiday weekend. The extra day made a weekend seem endless the world became explorable or as spellchecker wants me to spell exploitable. An extra day to go somewhere new to go and investigate somewhere for free. The time taken was not as precious as a normal weekend, at that stage in my life the gap between Friday night and Monday morning was special I can remember working away from home and rushing home to spend some time with the family and having not been around all week those 48 hours were indeed precious. Heather had been looking after the kids and I tried to give her a break as well as spend quality time with the girls.
Now I am disabled things are a little different. I have not been able to work for several years. I cannot stand I can't walk and I am disabled from doing much of what I once classed as normal. I could be a lot worse than I am but I am housebound stuck either in a wheelchair or in bed. A walk means going round the block in  the wheelchair. Going out in the car is a full scale mission, I do go out but Heather is knackered by the time I am in and out of the car and  that is just getting there she then has to push me in the wheelchair, and is all the time looking forward to doing it all again on the homeward journey.
So forgive me if I never went out today and visited the sights and events going on for the Bank Holiday, I spent this one at home

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