Sunday, 1 May 2016

Bacon sandwiches and coffee

We went out for a ride today. Beautiful day with blue sky and sunshine so unlike a British bank holiday I thought it was traditionally a time for cloudy skies and drizzle. We headed down to Margate to see if many visitors had come to join in the weekend fun and wasn't disappointed maybe not huge crowd s but a brisk trade going on in the old town. We headed out of town and as we did the traffic coming into Margate was building. Heather drove out thorough Harlingen and we headed out to Minster I believe that I saw signs for their fun day next weekend so check the internet and head on over because the have great things out there.
We ended up at Deal and I sat in the car as Heather got bacon sandwiches and coffee from the little cafe next to the lifeboat station. The lifeboatmen were doing a sponsored car clean service fund raising. We sat there eating a nice bacon sarnie and watched several cars go in and come out all shiny.

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