Monday, 25 April 2016

Talking about mental health issues

I was reading a blog post earlier today about mental health and some of the secrecy surrounding talking about mental health issues. I have never shied away from tackling any subject. When I discovered a lump on my testicle I blogged about it, not for my vanity but because testicular cancer is a killer and men never have liked discussion about "private places" yep it's the twenty first century but you can't tell your doctor you have a lump on your bollock. Do me a favour grow a pair and man up. I write about my catheter and I tell people about my constipation, not  because I want to but because I feel I have to. People reguard these subjects as being off limits. Maybe in Victorian Times but really everyone reading this has bodily functions and if I can encourage someone who is suffering problems to seek help my job is done.
It is just the same with mental health problems. I tell everyone the two most important tablets I take everyday are my antidepressants. Yes I have multiple sclerosis and it makes me depressed it's not a secret I will discuss my depression with anyone it's out there in the open for everyone to see. I didn't know what was wrong with me and not knowing I just carried on and because I didn't seek any help I was making not only my life a misery but Heather my wife and our kids. I had suddenly gone from being Don the life and soul of the party to this dark festering beast, I say suddenly it was a couple of years. I was no longer the life and soul I was a party pooper.
I didn't know I was depressed and no one around me knew. The just though I had become a miserable bugger. I sat around not wanting to do anything. My life had been ripped away from me Multiple Sclerosis took over my life and it was getting worse. I have never had a remission my MS is the Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis it is a continuous decline. There are other versions of the disease where you get remission periods and the another period of attack that's where people say good days and bad days. At that time my life and everyone around me were getting bad days. If I was miserable so couldn't everybody else be, after all fairs fair.
I was at my doctors for something else and I must have said something to him that he recognised because he got me to go and talk with another doctor in the practice there and then. She got talking to me, just asking questions and then she got me to do like a quiz type thing and the she told me I was suffering from depression. It was news to me but I got a prescription for some little tablets and it was like the Sun returned to my life. And the knock on effect was everyone around me could breathe again they could laugh and joke because I no longer bit there head off for the slightest thing.

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