Monday, 4 April 2016

Really awful day

I have been feeling awful all day. Pain that wasn't bad enough for many painkillers but painful enough to make me want to keep out of everyone's way. I just wanted to hide away. My legs started throbbing  about lunchtime and having to talk to idiots on the phone never helped. BT have terrible customer service I was waiting twenty minutes to speak to someone only to be told they couldn't help And transferred me which ensued in another twenty minute wait. All in all over one whole hour when feeling like concealed soup was not how I really wanted to spend my time. I then had to contact them again to cancel the engineer who couldn't get here until after one on Thursday by the way, because my internet miraculously started working. So my day has been AWFUL. Now I feel worse I am in bed  coz I can't sleep and I have a headache. More painkillers please!

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