Tuesday, 26 April 2016

I am feeling awful

Yep I feel crap, I hurt all over and I ache. I didn't feel good when I woke up this morning but I had to get up as I had a hospital appointment. We got there early and I was reading a magazine when I was called in. Obviously this guy wasn't on strike. He took casts of my legs  and in about a month I will be fitted with splints to stop my feet turning under. My hamstrings are very tight and pulling my feet in and turning them so if left untreated I will eventually be standing on the sides of my feet. When we eventually got home I slept in the chair dosed up with my strongest painkillers. I have lived on painkillers all day and am now in bed feeling rubbish but hey ho nobody said MS would be a picnic did they. I have just written my journal and drew a little sketch of me in my wheelchair having my casts taken. My drawing is terrible but it is possibilities you would recognise the wheelchair because a person is sitting in a chair with wheels on it. See it does pretty much what it says on the tin. A chair with wheels gets called a wheelchair, they didn't stretch their imagination when they came up with that name did they?
I am now in bed writing this on my kindle waiting to take some peptac because feeling white evidently isn't bad enough I also need chronic heartburn to top it all off. And I need an hour between taking my painkillers and taking the peptac because if you don't leave an hour gap your heartburn gets even worse, believe me I know and I have got not only the tee shirt but the medal to prove it. Serves me right really I never believed the warnings on both the peptac or the painkillers. That's me done for tonight I am now about to mainline on heartburn and indigestion liquid and hopefully get some sleep. Night world.

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