Saturday, 23 April 2016

Home alone

I enjoy my own company but its the little things now when I am here alone. Heather normally empties my catheter bag but when here by myself I have a four pint milk bottle. You know what I mean its a plastic container and it hangs on the back of the dinning room door mocking me. I cannot get the wheelchair close enough to the toilet to empty the bag successfully so bottle it is and its still mocking me. First getting it off the door handle the plastic bag wont release its loops and I almost drop it. Then getting my trouser bottom high enough to find the tap. Sitting in the wheelchair my leg traps my trouser against the footplate side and then fumble to get hold of the tap. Great position everything to turn on the tap and this time I get everything just right no leaks now blow back AHHH relief. I always forget to do it sooner and end up with pain on my prostate. The angle wont allow  the flow to be fast and it takes what seems an age to empty. I am now feeling good and rather pleased with myself. I can now settle back and all I have to do is choose Saturday Kitchen or snooker. I flick between the two and write this blog post. Who says men cant multi task

Make sure it is milk

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