Sunday, 24 April 2016

Getting to grips with new wheelchair

On Monday I got a new electric wheelchair. It's the bee's knees it tilts back and forwards and tips back plus has a lead rest. Six wheels and is a bugger to get around the house. After a week of knocking lumps out of the door frames and furniture I am finally getting the hang of negotiating from one room to the other I didn't bash into much at all today. After the other one this is very easy but it's the extra two wheels that stump me. When I remember that the other two wheels are behind me I do OK but it is the remembering bit I am not so hot on. I also have a special cushion to help eliminate pressure sores. All I want now is some decent weather so I can take it down to the park it is way to cold for me at the moment I was freezing cold indoors today so I dare not go outside.

Photo from web mine is similar

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