Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Exhaustion kicks in constipation strikes

I didn't feel to good this morning I suffer from constipation and expended a lot of effort for little reward. We had hoped to go out for the Day but I just didn't feel like doing much so our trip out and the fish and chips I had promised myself were off the cards for today. Heather went to do a bit of shopping and almost as soon as she left the stomach cramps started. Yep another trip to the loo. Much straining and I was eventually exhausted but comfortable. Back downstairs and Heather gets back from her trip to Argos and as soon as she clapped eyes on me she knew I was cream crackerd. I spent the rest of the afternoon asleep in the wheelchair, she pottered about and when I eventually woke up I was presented with lamb chops New potatoes and greens. I was really exhausted just having a pooh I love my MS it's the disease that just keeps on giving!

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