Friday, 8 April 2016

A much better day, birthday and Dreamland

After a really awful few days  today has been OK. I had a lazy start this morning, I finally got downstairs about eleven and had some porridge. Heather went out to meet a friend and left me with the remote my camera and the computer. I tweeted I Facebooked and I did some drawing. I watched bargain hunt and the news I had a nap. The Heather got back and we had to get ready for our daughter's birthday party. I stayed put while Heather got cake and bits then we went off to our other daughters who was hosting the party, it was for the grandsons really. Our daughter's had spent the day at Dreamland riding the scenic railways and bashing each other on the bumper cars. They signed up for a year pass such great value just the price of three days admission and we live in MARGATE so they can take full advantage. Last year they went loads and this year there is so much more to do and see. Anyway I am now in bed with a thumping headache and indigestion but we had a great family rendition of Happy Birthday and lots of cake hence the indigestion. Good day all round me thinks.

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