Monday, 21 March 2016

Through Floor Lift Broken 2 days stuck upstairs

Yep two days coupled up in my bedroom. Breakfast dinner and supper stuck upstairs. They finally got back again having been unable to fix it yesterday at seven thirty tonight and finished it at nine forty five. I did go down for an hour and watched a bit of sport relief but am back in bed now. We has a party in my bedroom earlier Heather our son his partner and our eldest daughter. We know how to rock.
It is two days since I  started this post and I know safely able to get downstairs in the lift. Hopefully that is the last I will see of the lift engineers for a good while as it has taken a month give or take to install and Heather and I are both fed up with the banging and bashing and people in the house. So now we can look forward to me getting up and downstairs safe and sound with no falls getting on and off the stairlift.

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