Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Stay at home days and Botany Bay Broadstairs

I have been indoors all day today, no trips out to the Range or counting the ship's off Margate and Cliftonville for me today. The weather has changed today, it's colder and the Sun has forgotten its job today. So I stayed put camera at the ready watching the garden birds and as previously mentioned eating bicycles (dont you love spellchecker insert biccies for bycycles). I played with the pencils trying to write and even tried and failed to draw David Cameron I got the quiff but that was my fist couple of strokes with the pencil, from there it all went drastically wrong. Tomorrow will be another day of staying put as the nurse is due to change the dressing on my ankle. The pressure sore is gradually getting better but it seems to be taking ages. It must be into its sixth week and at this rate it's going to be a few more weeks yet.
Still Easter is upon us and our youngest Grandson is having a birthday party. Jelly and cake all round I love kids parties. He will be seven and is having a party at a venue who's name escapes me and then another on Sunday for us older children. He is lucky two parties I thought only the Queen got jelly and cake twice. I am glad I got out yesterday and managed to sit in the sunshine. I hope the forecast for Margate is correct for the Easter break and the visitor's and day trippers manage to soak up some sunshine. I wrote earlier on my Promote Thanet blog about Botany Bay and its wonderful beaches.
Well I hope to get one of the beach kiosks bacon sarnies sometime over the weekend. I like bacon sandwiches.

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