Thursday, 31 March 2016

Pressure sore is much better

Last week the District nurse put me from twice weekly visits to once a week, today the nurse said it has improved so much that it looks like next week will be my last visit. YIPEE it's not that I don't like them each of the nurse's have been fantastic, it is just you set aside a whole day. They can't tell you when they are going to arrive so you just know they will be there Thursday and when it was twice a week you knew Monday's and Thursdays. Well if they are stopping the visits and letting Heather do the dressing changes we can go out. Pure selfishness I know but I am all self. No, it's just you can plan ahead. Freedom. Today was OK she came in before lunch and we went out this afternoon, it was a beautiful bright day and we managed a few photos for my other blog Promote Thanet
I have been doing sky pictures for Skywatch Friday for ages and I wanted to get some new shots so we had a ride and grabbed a KFC and ate it in the Turner contemporary car park and waited for the Sun to sink. I stayed in the car and Heather snapped the photos as I finished my hot chocolate in the warmth of the car. The rest as they say is history.

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