Thursday, 24 March 2016

Nurse has been to change pressure sore dressing

I was sitting there minding my own business when the doorbell rings. I rush to the door and was greeted by the district nurse. They are all lovely and so friendly it is a delight when they visit. Well in my rush to answer the door I still had my lap tray sitting as its name  describes on my lap and on top of it was my laptop. Clever those people who thought up the names for those two items I very much doubt I could think up names so descriptive (that was me being sarcastic by the way) I am now in our hallway with stuff balanced on my lap and I had to reverse my wheelchair back from whence I came. We eventually got into the dinning room and Heather delivers the dressings etc from upstairs down so the nice nurse can check my foot (its much better) and apply a new sticky plastery thing to keep it clean and dry. All in all it took ten minutes most of the time was taken up by my reversing and taking even more chunks out of the door frames!!
The visits are being reduced to once a week from now on and any subsequent  changes of dressing done in house by my overworked and definitely under paid Heather. So that's it until next Thursday.


  1. Just shows Don. The NHS is criminally underfunded, those who work for it are it's treasured assets. Hope you're OK mate, all the best.


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