Thursday, 10 March 2016

No afternoon nap

I sat in the wheelchair whiling away the Day. I had my camera I had the computer there was television and the radio.. I could use the telephone I watched the garden birds. I read my book I read my bible. I did all of these things and what I wanted most was to sleep. I sat up I slouched left I slouched right I put a blanket over my legs I got to hot then I was to cold. I sat in the front room I sat in the back room. Do you think I could sleep. NO I Couldn't. I eventually managed to doze off and guess what?
Yep the door opened and in poured loads of people making drinks yes I did want a coffee no I didn't want a sandwich. Good bye to one lot talk to another lot. One group go of to change another lot come back from getting changed. The all of a sudden peace. Those that had changed took those who  hadn't changed out for coffee. No I didn't want to join them yes I will be Okay on my own. No I don't want anyone to stay and keep me company. Peace and could I sleep? No I never and now almost seven hours later I am still wide awake.

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