Thursday, 10 March 2016

Life is never just black and white

I am sitting here home alone, everyone has gone out. An hour ago the place was packed, everyone back from a family funeral. I couldnt hear myself think above the hub bub of friendly chat and banter. Its quiet now just the noise of the passing traffic and a bricklayer working away next door. I am all set up I have finished my coffee and everything I should ever need is here beside me.So I thought I would share my needs with you. Here is a couple of photos the first in black and white the other in colour. I have been playing with the camera hence the choice.


  1. Hi Don, just over here reading your lovely blog and sending a virtual hug. Love from your fangirl, Tracey, from the seafront. Xx

  2. Hi Tracey thanks for dropping by to read my ramblings hope you are both OK. Not long now until you two will be back full time so enjoy your longer mornings while you can. Hope to get down and see you soon (it needs to warm up first) XXX Don


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