Monday, 14 March 2016

Is pain worth the effort

It's there all the time, constant niggling away in the back ground dull but persistent. It worms it's way in to your very being. It is in the background close but unreachable like an itch you cannot scratch. But you live with it day in day out and it is the norm it is your default setting. I cannot remember a day without pain in some form or another. Normal everyday pain is accepted it is your friend your close companion, you spend more time with it than you do with your family, your husband your wife. You probably talk to it more than you do your kids, I say talk I mean moan rather than actually talking to out.
You moan about the discomfort it causes each groan is acknowledging it's existence, you know that it's there so maybe we groan because we want others to understand that we do actually hurt. Most of the time I ignore the pain but sometimes I resort to taking painkillers. I love pain relief. I remember once falling down the last few stairs when my leg was in plaster. It hurt, I mean IT HURT my neighbour was summoned and he chucked me in the back of his van and drove me to hospital. There they shoved a syringe of morphine in me. BLISS I no longer hurt. I couldn't feel a thing. That's why I wonder is pain worth the effort? I remember Michael Jackson was being anesthetized to get some rest it was an overdose of anaesthetic that killed him. I don't want to die but sometimes I do want to escape. Get away from the pain and be normal whatever normal is. Maybe normality is as much of a pain as pain is but I can't remember that far back, it was such a long time ago.

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