Saturday, 5 March 2016

botulinum toxin injections in my legs (botox)

botulinum toxin

Yep I have had botox. It's the same stuff that people have injected into themselves to make their lips pout or their abs look hitch. In my case it is to make my legs bend. I am very unsteady at transferring from wheelchair to chair or stairlift and very unsafe in the bathroom and having exhausted all other options I have ended up with boric. The theory behind it is simple, the boric shuts down certain muscles in my case my hamstring and another muscle on the front of my legs. Muscle Tone is the only thing that enables me to stand and make the few steps I do take but at the same time to much tone can be dangerous causing all sorts of problems with transfers etc. So hopefully we can strike a happy balance, if the dose is to much I won't be able to get out of bed let alone transfer to my wheelchair. To little and I am no worse off than I am at the moment so it was a no brainer I had to go with it.
It takes about five days to kick in and about ten weeks to wear off so here is to hoping it's not to much. If it is I will be basically bed bound for the duration. Not ideal but a gamble worth taking. Anything to make my life more bearable. The other option would have been cannabis spray Savitex but it is not available on the NHS and I cannot afford to fund it myself. Cannabis is proven to be of benefit to Multiple Sclerosis sufferers but politically it is a minefield. No one wants to be seen condoning the use of illegal drugs for medical usage. The fact is the use of medicinal cannabis is nothing to do with whacky baccy or dope or pot is overlooked by the establishment and people like me are suffering. 

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