Sunday, 27 March 2016

Been out again

It was a family birthday, our youngest Grandson had his birthday this week and had a party at a play park in the week but today it was a small family affair. He is seven now, I am not sure where those years have gone it seems just yesterday I was cuddling him in hospital for the first time. But there again I only think I am sixteen and not sixty. It was a great time and chilly and rice hit the spot but I was pleased it came with sour cream. I know Heather was glad about the cream as spicy dorritos are to hot for her palate. It was great to all be together and celebrate the little man growing up and I love it when he throws his arms around his old grandad, he hates it when we have to leave.
I had prepared for my excursion by sleeping but by the time we got back I was exhausted. Now I am in bed taking my second lot of painkillers and writing this while I wait for them to kick in. I am not sure where I don't hurt so let's say I hurt all over plus I have a headache. NITE folks I am outta here.

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