Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Bedsore and Catheter two birds one stone or nurse

Yep I know how to roll. Sitting here minding my own business and there is a noise at the door. Eventually there is someone banging on the door. Heather has gone out with her sister so it is down to me to answer the door. Once open I am greeted by the district nurse. She wants to kill two birds with one stone and check and dress my bedsore and change my catheter. Well I am still here so things must have gone well. My Catheter change went fine and then she checked the pressure sore which is evidently looking good. So now I am sitting here with a new dressing on my foot and a new supra pubic catheter and an empty coffee cup, all in all it has been a good day apart from the shortage of coffee.


  1. Hi don nice blog i too have ppms supra pubic catheter and bed sore its great when nurse comes and does all jobs in one visit. Ive had ms for 9 yrs and try to remain jolly apart from odd meltdowns, you seem the same.shame about the coffee ! Jo x

  2. Yep Coffee shortage seems to have developed a theme I am here on another day and an empty cup. Maybe there is a world shortage??


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