Thursday, 3 March 2016

Bed Sore is getting better

There I was all happy and minding my own business and the phone rings. I never reached it but Heather my wife answered it. On the other end was a happy voice enquiring as to how my feet were and in particular how was my bedsore coming along. The mystery voice turned out to be the podiatrist and she wanted to see my foot which resulted in today me taking my foot along to the clinic in Margate. It is only about half a mile from our house so we set out in plenty of time me in the wheelchair and Heather leading the way. Over the last Month the pressure sore has gone from a red fluid filled blister to a black crusty scab covering what I have now found to be a much smaller red blister.
The lady podiatrist has cut all the black crusty scab off and now she has revealed the last remains of the Bed Sore. That has now been covered with a iodine patch and covered in plasters because I have been told to keep it dry. I got  out of there and came back home in the sunshine. Margate has had its warmest day of the year and I was able to start my 2016 suntan. My brush with nurses never ended there, an hour or so after getting home the district nurse called to change the dressing but that was put off until Monday. While she was here she checked my blood pressure and updated my notes and after about ten years I have actually signed a consent form for the nurses to change my Catheter.

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  1. Ive had a bed sore since sept and it willl not heal so i know how you feel.district nurses really nice but i just wish they didnt have to come.Its just one thing after another!

  2. Sorry to hear it has been since September. I am hacked off with just one month I know its probably going to be another one before it is gone but its on its way. The nurses are fantastic I love them to bits.Take care XX

  3. Hello Don, from a cold Isle of Wight. I have ppm too.


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