Monday, 7 March 2016

Bah humbug bedsore update

Awoke this morning and my foot was different. On inspection Heather discovered the dressing had worked its way off and what had been a dry pink area of unbroken skin was raw and weeping. Where the podiatrist had removed the dead black scabby drug was now an open sore and yes it is sore. I must have rubbed it in my sleep. We called the district nurse and she came around lunch time. By the time she had finished kneeling before me dressing it I was starving so the one bright spot of the Day came after she had left when Heather went and got me a Village Pantry beef and onion roll, they are wonderful a long baguette filled with freshly cut home cooked beef and lots of fresh raw onion. I must say it took my mind off bedspread nurse's and podiatrist's for a while. They are back on Wednesday!!

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