Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Stress plays havoc with Multiple Sclerosis

So what comes first chicken or the egg? It is a bit like that with Multiple Sclerosis. One of the most debilitating things with MS is fatigue. No no feeling tired fatigue is sheer exhaustion. It is hard to describe, I wake up in the morning having been asleep for eight hours solid and feel worn out. I know I am going to feel worse during the day and the feeling of disappointment that this is the best and I am already knackered is in it's self enough to say sod it forget about today. But today I had a dentist appointment.
Mid day was my allotted time so just hanging around waiting for the time to go was boring. I normally watch a bit of telly but couldn't settle. I turned my computer on  but it didn't help. I was unsettled.
Because it was different I couldn't get on with normality. I knew I was exposing myself to the world. I have hardly been out since New year and I was feeling unsure of my capabilities. I struggled to get out of my wheelchair and into the car. I really struggled getting out of the car and back into the wheelchair my legs were not moving at all well. Much much worse than normal. We had managed to get a space directly outside the dentist but it was still a struggle for Heather negotiating the door and slope to get inside plus it was freezing, I had tears running down my cheeks where it was so cold.
Not long in the waiting room but long enough for me to chat nervously to everyone. Then more nervous chat once inside the surgery. All went well and I escaped. Normal struggle getting out of the building and back in the car. Now I am really exhausted and by the time we get back indoors all I wanted was painkillers and sleep. So after a stressful morning I settled down for a nap. I even slept through people ringing the doorbell and noisy banging about. I didn't think about it until after I awoke that the stress of a simple trip out had exhausted me. Still I have got six months to recuperate before my next dentist appointment.

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