Tuesday, 2 February 2016

My battle with a bed sore

Those of you that read my rambling will know I have been feeling unwell since the New year. That feeling of malaise has resulted in me spending more time in bed, this has resulted in me getting a bed sore. I have never had one before but evidently I don't want nor need this new development in my life. I had to see the MS nurse on Monday just a routine visit and I mentioned this blue mark on my foot. She examined it and by the end of the Day the district nurse had called with some dressings for what was now a full grown blister.
Evidently if it bursts and gets contaminated it will be mucho bad news. First thing Monday morning another nurse arrived. She is jolly good fun and much frivolity ensued. But the it got serious. DON'T GET BEDSORE INFECTED. If it bursts call surgery ASAP  in meantime keep foot up as much as possible. And roll up blanket to go under my leg when I am in bed. She is hopeful it won't burst and hopefully with proper care it will reabsorb the fluid and disappear of its own accord, if it does burst it may develop into an ulcer and evidently I want to avoid this at all costs.
I will keep you posted.

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