Sunday, 14 February 2016

KFC in car at Tankerton Whitstable

I went out last night, dinner at our daughters. I watched MOTD when we got back and was finally in bed about twelve thirty. I was awake at four fifteen with indigestion. After two hours sipping Peptac and playing freecell I managed to get back to sleep. All the exertion of my escapades meant I didn't get up until one o'clock. Well we ended up deciding on a ride to Whitstable and settled on Kentucky fried chicken and the obligatory KFC hot chocolate. This was eaten at Tankerton looking out over the Isle of Sheppy and in the distance we could see Essex and Southend.
Two pieces and chips eaten on the bone washed down by hot chocolate resulted in me covered in bits of chicken coating salt and a few chips but it all cleaned up and even my greasy fingers were soon licked clean and dried on KFC tissues.
Well after all that excitement I am in bed exhausted. Was it wort it? You bet it was.

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