Friday, 19 February 2016

Fatigue with MS wears me out

I have had people say "you can do it when you want to" or things like " you should try harder you will feel better if you do" if only they knew! I used to be the most active of people. Working six or seven days a week and running between tasks. Now I feel in a mental fug most of the time. My limbs don't just ache they hurt. Lifting my foot is a real effort, if I am on my zimmer I slide my feel because I physically cannot lift the. When sitting I often have to grab a leg to relocate it or lift it back onto my wheelchair foot plate. Trying to get a foot onto my stairlift is hit and miss Heather has o stand behind me and force it on before I can use it and often I collapse trying to negotiate the task. All of this exhausts me even more.
Talking wears me out! Yep even a gobby chattering like me has a limit on conversation now. Evidently I start to loose the thread and start talking rubbish, no change there  then.
Fatigue is not like feeling tired it is exhaustion not only with a capital E but bells and knobs on. I just have to stop and sleep.
So when you see someone struggling to cope spare a thought what they are going through before you judge what you think they should or shouldn't be able to do. 

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