Thursday, 18 February 2016

Depression is depressing

With the BBC doing a session on the mind I am amazed at the figures on depression. One in four people suffer  from some sort of problem according to the BBC and the health service have no idea of how to treat people. That in its self is the depressing part of it. Tonight it has been reported that in Ireland they still administer electronic brain treatment or electric shocks. That is depressing that we have not managed to move on from treatment that was commonplace one hundred years ago.
I suffer with depression and am pleased that just a couple of tablets can keep me on an even keel. Many people don't know that they are depressed and can you imagine how they go through life not enjoying daily life. I am suffering from an incurable illness and am I depressed about it ? Yes but I am not suffering from depression. Confusing? Yep but it is the truth.

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