Sunday, 24 January 2016

What can I say other than I don't feel well

I think it was the great Spike Milligan who had those immortal words 'I told them I was ill' carved on his headstone.
I have been a bit like that since the beginning of the year. New Year's day was my last trip out of the house. The following day I stayed in bed thinking I just needed some R & R to get over the festivities. Well that rest and recuperation lasted three weeks. Most of that time I have spent in bed. When I have managed to raise myself from my bed it has just been a trip across the landing to visit the bathroom. One day I did make it across the landing and tried to get on the stairlift. I failed and returned to whence I had come, exhausted and in pain.
I don't know what triggers these periods of lethargy, I wish I did then I could take avoiding action. But I don't and because I don't I can't. Does that make sense?
I try and refuse to pander, within reason to my MS.  I can no longer walk so I use a wheelchair, I have adaptations like the wet room and handrails, stairlift and a hospital bed. But I try and laugh at the disease. I have a marvellous and beautiful wife who does so much for me. She dresses me washes me feeds me. She runs the home like clockwork. So whilst I say I don't pander to my MS I don't fight it my wife does. I just laugh at it, she is the hero. I couldn't get by without her.
Going back to me feeling I'll. I have been feeling rough but over the last few days I have managed to get myself downstairs and I am a lot stronger than I was a week ago. Perhaps I just needed some R & R or maybe an infection has worked its way through me? I don't know nor do I care, I feel so much better why worry yesterday is history tomorrow a mystery but today, well today has been THE PRESENT

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