Sunday, 3 January 2016

Multiple Sclerosis messes up my Saturday

I hope you have had a great Christmas and New Year, I most certainly did. I love it when I get to spend Tim with the family all around the table eating and drinking and all round good fun. Unfortunately my MS usually dislike' s me to have any fun. It always finds a way to spoil my fun times and I often have to pull out of arrangements because my body won't let me join in. One of the problems is bowels and another is muscle tone, infection anywhere in my body can cause the tone of my muscles to become so stiff I can't bend a leg or arm or even log my head off of my pillow.
One of them reasons used to be urine infections. I am catheterised unroll two years ago I had a ureatheral catheter. I had so many urine infections then it was a joke, it seemed a constant thing and most months I would end up unable to move because of an infection messing with me. Well two years ago I went over to a supra pubic catheter. It goes direct into my bladder through an incision just above my pubic hair and below my belly button. Since having the supra pubic catheter I have gone from near constant infections to virtually no zero. Honestly it has been that dramatic. But as I am laying here today writing this piece I am pretty sure I have an infection.
Yep stiff limbs smelly urine and today I slept for twenty hours straight. I woke a few times when Heather came in to me, I had  bit of lunch with her and our daughter, pate on fresh crispy finger rolls, I ate it in bed hardly able to lift my head. Drink my tea was not easy but I managed to get it down my neck without using the feeder cup that I often have to resort to. Once I had finished I was asleep again only waking when Heather woke me to drink some water, intake of fluids is important with urine infection as if helps flush the kidneys.
Well I actually woke about eight pm. And went downstairs much to Heathers disapproval she had visions of me being unable to get back upstairs and having to sleep in the wheelchair all night. I managed it and as I said I am now back in bed not feeling tired and dwelling on why this infection has struck now. I put it down to having done so much over Christmas. I have been out and enjoyed myself. I never rested when my body said slow down and I am paying the price for such excesses. Normally I pace myself, I haven't I didn't want to and MS was not stopping me. I suffer from acid reflux and I ate all the things I knew would come back and get me. I didn't care. It was Christmas and then it was new year. New Year's day was a two curry day I excelled myself and the price was lots of antacids and twenty hours in bed. Was it worth it? Hell Yes.

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