Monday, 4 January 2016

How I got my diagnosis that l had Multiple Sclerosis

I have had my Multiple Sclerosis for over twenty years now I was finally diagnosed as having MS around 1994 but I had known I had a problem long before my diagnosis. Multiple Sclerosis is or was then extremely difficult to diagnose. I had seen several specialists and was finally admitted to Brook Hospital at Woolwich South London where I underwent a barrage of tests and last of all was a lumber puncture. The neurologist wasn't even going to tell me my results. But when he was telling me I could go home he said "we have some good news and some bad news, the good news is that you can go home, the bad news is we don't know what is wrong with you"
I got cross with him and showed him what I was like running. I ran Dow the corridor and immediately fell over in a heap of twisted limbs, my legs had got confused . He walked over to me helping me back to my feet. He clapped me on one shoulder and said" Well if you must know, cleared his voice and then said My dear young man you have Multiple Sclerosis" having said that he turned on his heels and walked away. He had the bedside manner of a house brick and subtlety was not a strong point. Before he retired a few years later at an out patients appointment he said "get used to it because this is as good as it gets its all downhill from know on". Charming man and I must say I never once missed him after his retirement. I think he took a dislike to me after I had balled him out when he'd was doing his rounds, he talked to his students and never once referred to me he ignored me and walked away with his entourage in tow. I shouted very loudly for him to come back and show me the common courtesy of now speaking to me about my condition.
We never did get on after that but the nurses on the ward worshipped me.

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