Friday, 8 January 2016

Another infection

I tried to get up this morning. Heather dressed me and I tried to stand up, after several attempts I finally stood and tried to walk across the landing. My legs just wouldn't move. Heather took my slippers off so I could slide my feet and I eventually got to the stairlift. Once there I decided discretion was the better of valour and asked Heather to help me back to bed. She put me on the wheelchair and eventually I was safe and sound back in bed. My body always stops working when I get an Nigel of an be it throat infection lo or as is this normal a urine infection. I used to be ureatheral catheterised and I suffer infections most months, but just over two years ago I had a supra pubic catheter fitted. In those two years I have only suffered a few infections.

Most of these have shown abnormal blood markers rather than me having problems with a urine infection. My wee smells most of the time, our daughter came in tonight and immediately said Dads got a urine infection. I will have to wait until after the weekend to sort out a blood test. By the time the results come back I will be walking with my zimmer frame just fine and my wee won't be smelling anymore. In the mean time it looks as if it is bed rest for me. 

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