Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My physiotherapy is about to get a whole lot wetter

As I write this I can hear the rain beating against the widow panes and as the traffic drives past I hear the sound of puddles sending spray out against the parked cars. Yep it's pouring here in Margate, but that is understandable in November! Even seaside resorts get rain in the winter. I have been seeing a fantastic physiotherapist at our local Hospital the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Or QEQM as is is know as locally, after all Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital is a bit of a mouthful isn't it? So back to my physiotherapy. I am not going to have to stand outside in the pouring rain and do my exercises I am going to go in the Hydro pool!!!
Yep after about twenty-five years I am going back in the water. I exaggerated I last went swimming about ten years ago, the OT that came out a couple of months ago recommended it and after three sessions on dry land my next one is going to be in them pool. Heater went out today with her sister in search of swimming trunks. She started looking for my old pair but after ten years if she had found them I doubt they would have fitted, I am slightly more cuddly these days. So next week I am getting dunked in the name of physiotherapy. Wish me luck.


  1. The pool is a wonderful tool! I know I used it for therapy after I broke my leg, which is admittedly a much less severe ailment, but it felt so good to get in the water again. I wish you all the best, and keep up the cheery disposition! It’s truly an inspiration.

    Emmett Fletcher @ CK Physiotherapy


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