Monday, 5 October 2015

Lonely and depressed?

I normally listen to radio two in the mornings, Chris Evans kicks my day off fine. I turn over when Ken Bruce comes on because I can't stand him. I find him depressive not something I need in the mornings. I can listen to depressed people anywhere and I normally try and avoid them, hence my turning Ken Bruce over. I like over a quarter of the world suffer from depression but  I actually know about it. I sought treatment for my Black Dog and my GP prescribed some antidepressants. Last year I increased the dose after a spell of suffering infection after infection that kept me in bed for several week's. The antidepressants keep me on an even keel and if you are feeling a bit anxious sleek to your doctor, I often say the best two tablets I take are my antidepressants. And such a small thing as that can make my life more pleasant and bearable.
Getting back to the radio, one day last week I turned the radio on and it was tuned to radio four. I don't mind radio four I listen to the plays and try and keep up to date with the Archers. For some reason last week I hadn't tuned back into radio two and was unable to change station. My radio is the other side of my bedroom and Heather had got up early to take our eldest daughter to drop her car at the garage and then give her a lift to work. So I was stuck, I can't get out of bed without assistance and seeing I have given up falling over. I stayed put and listened to radio four and some chap babbling on about depression and people being lonely. I have got the first one of those sorted, my two little tablets ensure I am not depressed and I am never lonely. But according to the chap on the radio I am in a minority. More and more people are both depressed and lonely. An ageing population and a number of reasons people are lonely. I know people who can feel alone in a crowded room so it came as no surprise to me, but the numbers are staggering. Over twenty five per cent of adults feel lonely. And a lot of those don't see anybody often for days at a time.
Loneliness like depression is treatable but you cannot take a tablet to heal loneliness. It takes some input from you. Yes you have to do something about it. I will come back to this, I am in bed writing this and rather fancy getting some sleep. So this is part one, I will continue this soon.

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