Saturday, 10 October 2015

how to cure loneliness

Cure loneliness, as if I could wave a magic wand and it is gone. No more panic attacks, no more biting your nails when around people, yes you can be lonely around people! No more staying away from events family parties work do' s or anywhere you have to talk to people, most lonely people actually avoid human contact. The truth is to avoid being lonely you have to want human contact. Most lonely people shun  Harman interaction. They don't feel worthy of people they feel in some way that they are not good enough to be with that person or unable to fit in with that group at work. It is easier to avoid contact than to risk rejection. And the fear of rejection is the biggest obstacle to overcome. Cure loneliness if I could cure it I would be the most popular man in my street. I can't cure it but you can! Scary ehh ?? Yes it is possible to set in place techniques to overcome the panic attacks and anxiety but you have to do that, I won't be there but you will. I can't do anything. I have no special power's I can't cure anything. Now we have established that fact you have a choice, you can close this blog and forget all about it, carry on fighting everyday. Or you can read the next instalment. I will leave the choice to you, I will write my next post in a few days which will give you a chance to think about whether you want things to change or do you want to carry on as you are.?


  1. I have had an interest in MS since my wife was diagnosed in 1981 but apart from constantpain and short stays in bed shes not been too bad. but last week I noticed a press release by the MS society which you may be interested in if you have not already seen it.
    Roche new progressive trials

  2. Thank you for the link, let's hope some good comes of it. I read it will be a couple of years before it finishes trials and goes through all the hoops and the Nice will hold it up for another spell so 2018 at the earliest but it is hopeful.


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