Saturday, 17 October 2015

bored in bed

I an in bed listening to the footie. I had hoped to be watching it but my kindle won't play BTsport because I am in bed and my laptop is downstairs the only way I have to learn what is happening is radio, I must say at sixty minutes its still nil nil so it's not a classic. Heather is out with our eldest daughter and has just phoned to say she is bringing a Subway In for lunch. We haven't had Subway for a couple of years so I wonder what I will be getting?
Mystery at lunchtime, I doubt it will be as mysterious as why this match is nil nil. Liverpool's new manager must be wondering the same. My family will be divided by the match my grandson supporters Tottenham and my son supports Liverpool. Still it ended up as it started nil nil and I had a steak Subway. Mystery what mystery..

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