Sunday, 20 September 2015

Botulinum toxin better known as Botox, for treatment of Muscle Spasm ?

My Multiple Sclerosis has wrecked my body but the worst or most obvious symptom is my leg muscles are not working. Well maybe they are working to well as they are permanently in spasm and wont move. They are  contracting to the point the legs will not straighten out fully. If straightened the contract back to their deformed straight. I have written previously about my legs and the spasticity   I suffer. Over the years I have tried all manner of medication to keep my legs working  but nothing has worked. Earlier this year I went to Kings Hospital London to have a test dose for an Intrathecal Baclofen pump. That ended badly and I went like jelly, unable to stand at all I ended up in bed for several weeks until the very thing we were trying to loose returned My Spasticity.
Whilst my spasticity makes my legs behave badly without it I cannot bear any weight or use them in any way. So it looks like I need something to work but just not as well as the Baclofen Pump. I want something not unlike myself, I want something that works badly. A trip to see the MS physio last week resulted in arrangements for injecting Botox into my leg muscles to effectively switch them off. Not all of them just  the naughty ones. I need to be able to transfer and doing it now is a struggle for me and even more so for my wife. Recently my daughter tried getting my legs into the car, she gave up saying dive home with the hanging out the car door. No wonder my wife is exhausted she does all the transfers and is almost twice as old as our daughter.
So if you see a sixty year old male in a wheelchair with gorgeous looking legs you'll know it's me.l

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