Monday, 7 September 2015

A trip to Canterbury hospital to see physio for MS

This week I am due to see the MS physio, not for therapy but to see if my movement is any better/worse, I can tell you it is worse. Tonight I had to have help getting both on hand off the stairlift and then I was unable to cross the landing and Heather had to get the wheelchair, it is actually my commode but it is on wheels and doubles as a wheelchair in an emergency. All I want is to be able to move better. Tonight I almost fell over again whilst trying to get on to the stairlift, it's a right pain trying to get me up off the floor. Even with the camel which is designed for people like me it is a right palavour. My primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis has robbed me of any strengths in my limbs. You may find this hard to believe but as a schoolboy I was picked to run cross county for my county.I can't cross the landing now, am I bitter about this? Damn right I am.
I spent an hour on the internet googling new treatments, there's lots for relapsing ms but nothing for progressive. So I can't see sod all coming out of the meeting but what else would I be doing.

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