Friday, 5 June 2015

UTI Stops me moving, my MS dislike's infection's

I have done very well on the bladder infections since having my supra pubic catheter fitted. Previously when I had the ureatheral catheter I got an infection  about once a month and even suffered scepticemia at one bad bout. But I had the supra pubic installed over eighteen months ago and this is only the second infection in that time. Unfortunately it is a nasty one. I can had my move and had to go in the wheelchair to get across the landing to the bathroom. Even writing this post is difficult so I will sign off .
I am back and what a difference a day makes, I am up and downstairs I had breakfast in bed and lunch downstairs. I am far from OK but I am sitting downstairs watching Springwatch Live Spineless Si is tending the eggs  and the Blue Tits still haven't fledged. Our eldest daughter has been here for lunch and she just carted Heather off for a walk in the sunshine before going to look at a different car. She wants her mums opinion!!

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