Sunday, 28 June 2015

Ear Wax blockage

I am really struggling today last night after my shower I couldn't hear anything out of my left ear!!!
I haven't had an ear infection or any sign my ear was blocked so this was out of the blue. I always set the shower jet to fast and spay my ears every time I have a shower but even with doing that I occasionally have to go to the GP and have the wax removed. I have got Olive Oil in that ear now and cotton wool, it feels very odd. I feel as if I am under water and of course my hearing is out of synch and I am listening in a very odd stereo. Me thinks a phone call to the doctors surgery is in order tomorrow morning. I will not be using earex or similar over the counter preparations as at £3.50 for 15 milliliter it works out to about £100 a gallon I always find stuff sold in small bottles expensive.   Wish me luck.

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