Monday, 15 June 2015

Blood tests reveal infection

Slightly surprisingly the test results from my stinky wee came back negative, from the stink of my leg bag and when we drained the catheter it smelt as if a rat had crawled in and died! Smelly maybe but no infection. Plan B was quickly organised, my GP not to be beaten and I am sure an element of Kick a man while he is down she sent out the nurse to take my blood. Not all of it but a sizable quantity of it, she wanted checks for everything which amounted to six jars of blood. Glad they weren't jam jars. Well to cut a long story down to more or less short. Friday morning my GP turns up on Friday with a new lot of antibiotics and the news I have an infection ( I knew that but nobody's ever been interested in my opinion ) an inflammatory type evidently. Well that's my take on what she said I can't remember much I was to busy feeling ill. She sat there talking to me holding my hand and telling me blah blah blah strong antibiotics blah blah markers blah blah stratospheric blah!!!!
Wake up did she say numbers and stratospheric about me and my infections. Yes rewind, she is a family friend as well as my GP and explains that a normal raised count would be 12 and mine had come in at 128 over ten times over bad. No wonder I had not been able to bend my knees to get on the stairlift and that Heather had need to call Darrell our neighbour to help to get me to bed last Wednesday night. I now fell justified in feeling so ill. Now on Monday I am four days into the new antibiotics I think I am over the worst. I sat in the chair in my bedroom and ate my lunch today, that's progress real progress. The MS nurse phoned but I couldn't talk my brain went to mush when she talked to me so I transferred her to my social Secretary a job Heather does so well.
So that's been my last few days as they say in a nutshell. Hope you are doing better than me because if not yo are having a bleeding awful time of it.

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