Saturday, 6 June 2015

Antibiotics for UTI

My default antibiotic for Urinary Tract Infections is nitrofurantoin, when I phone the surgery on Thursday my GP prescribed them to be taken after I had done a sample direct from the catheter bag. In the past I had done a sample into a jug and then into a sample pot, it gives a false reading so slapped wrists for Don. If the antibiotic is not suitable it will be changed next week once the results come back from the Pathology lab. I have tried all sorts of different antibiotics over the years and even had then intravenously when one UTI turned into septicemia I was hospitalised with that infection. Urine infection can turn serious very quickly so if you detect smelly wee or pains contact your GP sooner rather than later. The other problem with taking antibiotics is bowel problems. Not for faint hearted but people like myself with poor mobility need to pay attention to stomach pains as
I have often had accidents when taking antibiotics.

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