Sunday, 17 May 2015

Wheelchair or scooter

I now use an electric wheelchair, I used to be in a self propelled one but I am getting older and have developed rheumatism in both wrists. Now that I have the electric wheelchair why would I want  a scooter? The answer is simple my wheelchair weighs approx fifteen stone. I could have told you that in kilos once but having grown up with stones I got the weight in kilos and did the conversion and I remember the imperial measure rather than the metric. Try as we might loading a hugely heavy thing into anything is crazy. My wife Heather is only five feet tall and she is strong she manages to shift me around but the wheelchair is a step to far.
We still have the self propelled chair, it's ideal for short trips to the supermarket or the opticians. Even short trips along the prom or to the barber's but for a nice afternoon walk I can't expect Heather to push me and as I said the rheumatism means I can't get far under my own steam. So the electric scooter then comes into play, for the last fifteen years my Shoprider has been marvellous, it's been over hill and Dale soaking up many miles in its life. But now it's getting to heavy for Heather to get in and out of the car and even disassembled its getting to much. Which brings me round to the purpose of this post.
I have always been a great advocate of Labour saving devices. When I worked on a building site bricklayers could have mixed the mortar by hand but they used cement mixers on big sites they used mechanical hoists to load pallets of bricks or roof tiles onto scaffolding. It saves time and more importantly it saves Labour. And to many people struggle on refusing to accept the Labour savings offered by wheelchair or scooter. Painfully carrying on not giving in, when in real terms they would benefit from a Labour saving device, but no that's accepting defeat. Like as heck is it, the energy taken struggling could be used elsewhere. All to often people don't seek labour saving devices unroll its to late. Classified sections are filled with scooters that were only used a few times my advice is get one and use it and the energy saved in struggling back from the shops well use that energy on enjoying life after all this ain't a practice run this is the only time we are here.

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