Friday, 8 May 2015

South Thanet no answers yet!

I have been awake on and off all night. The television was on mute with subtitles and here it is nine thirty  am. And I needn't have bothered because the count evidently will not be finished for at least another hour, a full twelve hours after the polls closed. I have had a sleepless night for nothing. I just want to see Will Scoble installed as MP for South Thanet. Our son has just called and he said "it's Thanet they can't count" I do not know what the problem has been but I am going doze now and await Thanets results. Cheeky son they can't count indeed.

I can now say we don't have UKIP as an MP but I can say Thanet Council is now suddenly  a UKIP run council.

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