Friday, 15 May 2015

Rainy days and Tuesday's always get me down

The title is not true at all. Yes I know that Karen Carpenter sang Monday's but give me a bit of artistic licence here please. I always have and always maintain Tuesday is the best day of the week, and any day that isn't a Tuesday can gain honorary Tuesday status for the simplest of reasons, see a penny pick it up and suddenly a cold wet Monday has gained Tuesday status. Get a cup of unexpected coffee yep you have guessed it Tuesday again despite the fact it's any other day of the week it has become an honorary Tuesday. SIMPLES. In the song rainy days got a mention for being a bit of a downer. Wrong no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing. I will be sixty next birthday but when ever it rains I am transported back nearly forty years. It's easy to do  My brain has time slip and can go backwards forwards in any direction a little like the elevator in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Neet hey? Most people worry about stuff but with a Willy Wonker brain worry is not an option.
Back to rainy days getting me down as I said bad clothing makes for a bad day when it is wet so I take myself off to when our youngest daughter was born thirty five years and counting. I had our eldest daughter in the pushchair rain cover ready in case the threatened rain arrived and off I set. Me I am in the obligatory garb of a young dad jeans and tee shirt. Well mother and baby safely tucked up in bed I walk a visiting friend back to the train station and in the knowledge of mum and baby sister safe and sound I head for home via the scenic route. And yes it begins to rain, the rain cover come's into use and we have one very happy little girl giggling that she is in the dry but daddy is getting wet, very wet. It was a hot August day and we had the banging of distant thunder and sheets of rain, a summer storm and boy was I wet? Tee shirt soaked jeans wet through nothing I wore escaped dry and I just walked on chatting to our eldest daughter and as proud as punch. A new dad walking his daughter in the hot summer rain. So whenever it rains I am back there thirty six years ago this August. Nothing can wipe away that feeling that was proper good.
So Rainy days and Tuesday's don't get me down. Being down is a straight of mind I do not recognise. Have an honorary Tuesday today and think happy thoughts, I can recommend it.

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