Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Now it's trouble waking up

It's an obvious thing to say after not sleeping last night I woke up late. I would still be asleep now had the phone not rang. When I was working I often had five o'clock starts and did a hard manual days work. Now I sit in my wheelchair all day and the most physical acts are getting on and off the stairlift. When I see our children or grandsons bounding up the stairs it makes me smile. I am not the type who looks at life jealously. I have had a fantastic time and now I have had to accept a different life to the one we had envisaged. Life as Forest Gump said is a box of chocolates. When I was a roof tiler no one could have ever imagined me ending up in a wheelchair unless I had fallen from a great hight. I once fell from eight feet and broke my leg but even after having my leg in traction I was straight back to roofing as soon as the plaster was off. So it was somewhere in my nervous system that put me in a wheelchair. Ironic when you think about it because I have fallen from buildings and got up, but a malfunction of my own body sabotage' s me.
Yep got most of these Yippee I love MS

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