Saturday, 16 May 2015

I feel better staying at home

Heather and I were offered a cruise round the fjords and Baltic then on to Iceland. All paid for first class cabin etc with friends of ours, their treat. I phoned today and refused the offer and I feel great. Don't get me wrong they are great company and I would love to be well enough to make the trip. The trouble is I am not and all I would be doing is setting myself up for a fall. I may even have managed the cruise but we MS'ers know you pay for everything, an afternoon out and it results in two days in bed. Can you imagine the payback my MS wracked body would demand of me for having the sheer affrontary the gall to even considering a cruise? A couple of years back I ended up in bed for nearly three months, I ain't going through that again.
It was a kind offer well meant and with the best of intentions but I can't go the sheer exhaustion of thinking about it had me scared very scared.

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