Sunday, 10 May 2015

I feel absolutely awful

Having not been feeling very good for most of the week it comes as no surprise that I am feeling awful tonight. I didn't get up very early, nothing unusual in that I often watch James Martin and his Saturday Kitchen guest's in bed. And today was no exception other than an urgent trip to the loo fifteen minutes before the end. We messed around allday and then rather than Heather having to cook we planned to go and eat KFC in the car somewhere. After a call from one of our grandchildren we took him and his mum to the drive through at Chestfield Whitstable and once having Parke they all traipsed in and collect the food, the queue for the drive through went round building into the main road. They came back to the car chatting away to some random stranger and her two children. Once my family waved goodbye and got safely back into the car I learned my daughter worked with the stranger so all was well and we headed off to Tankerton Slopes and parked a short way from the Seaview Cafe the home of enormous bacon sandwiches, I may have mentioned this establishment once or twice before.
We ate our Chicken and chips and I managed to stay relatively clean for a change, no doubt I was showing off to my Grandson. I downed my cup of hot chocolate whilst they put the rubbish in bin and then played tag on the grass banks. The numourous benches serving as home. With my paper cup disposed of into the rubbish bin we headed for home playing spot the colour car. We even found gold and purple colour car s eventually and green and brown both proved hard to find not least because by now it was getting dark.
Once home I had to dose up with Peptac and sat in the wheelchair watching my weekly dose of subtitles in the shape of BBC fours Montalbano, Heather tells me that the series is ending this week so I wonder what will be on next week. Match of the Day starts and I am feeling queasy so head for the bathroom. By now it is full on feeling awful.
I am now sitting up in bed, adjustable beds are a gods send . I am almost full to the brim with peptac yet still the food leeks trying to escape and I feel bl##dy terrible. 

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  1. Hi Don I visit Tankerton every time I come back to England so will keep an eye open for Seaview café, bacon sandwiches are my favorite. Last time we were in Tankerton we met a lady walking her dog, she let my Grand daughter throw balls for her dog while we chatted. There are so many nice people still around. Walked nearly 100 yards today with walking poles. Wished I had turned back sooner as ankles and back are screaming at me again but the sun was shinning. I try and write down one nice thing that happened each day, even if it's just getting toenails cut. :-) Chris in France


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